The XZ Division have the required facilities available to offer Basic, Intermediary and Advanced Training in both Pilot and ATC disciplines.
We would like therefore to invite our members to contact the XZ Division Training Coordinators, by email, indicating their training needs. We will collate these needs and assign a trainer to the applicant. Most of the training will be one-to-one training but if it is found that more than one member have a similar need, group session’s will take place.
As mentioned the type of training can be anything related to the IVAO environment.
E.g. How to use Altitude/Aurora, Basic VFR flying, Basic and Advanced IFR flying, Tower to Area Controlling, etc.
We would also like to specially extend an invite to our new members to make use of this opportunity when and if you experience any problems with you new endeavor into the IVAO World, be it to log on successfully for the first time or to set-up Altitude or Aurora. Flying and controlling on IVAO is not difficult at all. Experience has taught us that the new member might feel intimidated at first when he/she logs on the first couple of times when there is an ATC present. Most, if not all the time, this is due to the lack of understanding or knowing how ATC and pilot communicates, otherwise known as radiotelephony (RTF). We can provide you with the knowledge and help you develop the skills to be a proficient pilot and/or ATC on the IVAO network.
We urge you all to take these opportunities as there is nothing more rewarding than gaining aviation knowledge even though we are only desktop jockeys.