The Aviation Handbook supplements information supplied via the ATC and Pilot books on the IVAO HQ website.
This Handbook is geared to virtual aviation in the XZ division.

Section 1 Definitions And Abbreviations (ATC and Pilot)
  • See the Virtual AIP General section
  • GEN 2.1 – Measuring System
  • GEN 2.2 – Abbreviations
  • GEN 2.3 – Definitions
  • GEN 2.6 – Conversion Tables
Section 2 General (ATC and Pilot)
Section 3 Aerodrome Control (ATC)
Section 4 Approach Control (ATC)
Section 5 Area Control (ATC)
Section 6 Separation Standards (ATC)
Section 7 Pilot Procedures (Pilot)
Section 8 Radio Telephony (ATC and Pilot)
Section 9 Meteorology (ATC and Pilot)