MTL’s for Southern African Airlines

  • MTL means Multiplayer Traffic Libary. When you see other IVAO pilots online, you will see them as the MTL that they have selected. Depending on what MTL you select, they will see you as that MTL aircraft.


  • eg. If you are flying a Cessna 172 in Flight Simulator and you connect to IVAO, and you select a Boeing 747-400 MTL, then all the pilots on the network will see you as a Boeing 747-400, even though you are actually flying a Cessna 172 in Flight Simulator.


  • Below, are all the South African domestic airlines that have been published, along with the screenshot of every aircraft model of each airline.


  • To add to the realism of your online IVAO experience when flying in South Africa, you are encouraged to use the correct callsigns for the airlines that operate in our division when submitting your flight plans.Here is a list of these airlines, their IATA and ICAO codes, the callsigns that you may use and their logos.


 Airline  MTL Company Name  IATA    ICAO   Callsign  Logo
 1 Time Airline  Aeronexus  1T  RNX  NextTime 1TIME
 Comair  British Airways  BA6  CAW  Comair  COMAIR  MN  CAW  Comair KULULA.COM
 Mango Airlines  Mango  JE  MNO  Tulca MANGO.COM
 South African Airlink  South African Airlink  SA8  LNK  Link  AIRLINK
 South African Airways  South African  SA  SAA  Springbok  SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS
 South African Express  South African Express Airways  SA1  EXY  Expressways S.A. EXPRESS



 Type    Model  MTL ID
 DC93  McDonnell  Douglas  DC-9-30  DC93RNX 1time_dc9
MD80  McDonnell Douglas  MD-80  MD80RNX MD80RNX



 Type    Model  MTL ID
 B733  Boeing B737-300  B733BAW B733BAW
 B734  Boeing B737-400  B734BAW  B734BAW
 B735  Boeing B737-500  B735BAW  B735BAW



Type    Model  MTL ID 
 MD80  McDonnell Douglas MD-80  MD80CAW  kulula_md80
 B738  Boeing B737-800  B738CAWWL kulula_flying101



 Type    Model  MTL ID
 B738  Boeing B737-800  B738MNO B738MNOWL



 Type   Model    MTL ID
 JS1  Handley Page HP-137 Jetstream 1  JS1 LNK    JS1 LNK
 JS41  British Aerospace Jetstream 41  JS41LNK JS41LNK
 E135  Embraer 135 Regional Jet  E135LNK E135LNK
B462  British Aerospace BAe-146-200  B462LNK  B462LNK




 Type    Model  MTL ID 
 A319  Airbus A319  A319SAA A319SAA
 A332  Airbus A330-200  A332SAA  A332SAA
 A342  Airbus A340-200  A342SAA  A342SAA
 A343  Airbus A340-300  A343SAA  A343SAA
 A346  Airbus A340-600  A346SAA  A346SAA
 B732  Boeing B737- 200CARGO  B732SAACRG B732SAACRG
 B733  Boeing B737-300  CARGO  B733SAACRG


 B738  Boeing B737-800  B738SAAWL


 B744  Boeing B747-400  B744SAA  B744SAA





 Type    Model   MTL ID
 CRJ2  Canadair CL-600 Regional Jet CRJ-200  CRJ2EXY CRJ2EXY