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XZ Division Tour System!

Founded by Denton Young

Custom programming by Denton Young and Jeremy Rochefort

  • Contains a combination of over 9300 VFR, IFR and Long Haul legs.
  • Airport coverage spans the entire African continent, as well as all the popular international airports around the world.
  • No 3rd party client installations required
  • Complete integration with IVAO online data
  • Completely automated PIREP submissions and PIREP validations, as IVAO online data is used throughout entire process, in other words, no filling in reports, and no waiting for validators.
  • Select your flight in our system, then logon onto IVAO, then go fly, that is all that is required.
  • A realtime map feature
  • Pilot logbook
  • Automated IFR, VFR, Long Haul division tour badges tracking

TIP : Once you have registered, please select MY FLIGHT OPS in the top menu to begin the process for your flight!

PLEASE NOTE: The IFR, VFR, Long Haul and Great Division User badge hours will be reset on 2021-12-31 (337 days)

(This is to allow you the opportunity to again earn all the respective tour badges)
(You will still retain your rank, number of flights, PIREPs and total hours)

System Status

ItemTime UpdatedHow Long Ago
Last IVAO Network Data Refresh28-01-2021 10:38:02z44 sec ago
Last IPS Update28-01-2021 10:38:02z44 sec ago
PLEASE NOTE : Both items, should update every 3 minutes, otherwise the system will not be operational, so therefore flight tracking would be unavailable. Please do not attempt to fly in this instance.